Baltimore, MD


Noise pop / “space trash dream gaze”


Randy Cochran / vox, drums, guitar, synths
Dalton Maize / vox, guitar, keys
Luke Mayhew / guitar, synths, horns
TJ Johns / guitar, vox
Kyle Maize / bass


Altered States [single] (2021)
Cemetery Girl [single] (2021)
Destroy All Surfing LP (coming 2021)
Dry Suit EP + (coming 2021)







“Ear-catching, stylistically morphing "Altered States" that moves from tuneful classic pop to warped psych-pop & dream-pop reverie, and finally fiery indie rock catharsis… - Jen Dan, The Big Takeover

“Wet Suit is … one hell of a first release.” - The Dentonite

"... Bangarang are an impressive band … their moments of excess work out extraordinarily well, with plenty of juicy noise to sink your teeth into." - Splendid

"[Bangarang] boasts … a more accessible sound that seems to blend the best of indie rock and alternative rock … a joyful showcase of erratic, spastic arrangements..." - Redefine Magazine


Austin / Beerland w/ Rei Clone
Denton / Backyard on Bell w/ Pearl Earl, Loafers
Baltimore / Ottobar w/ Natural Velvet, PLRLS


"Bangarang -- complex and beautiful, Bangarang's music has the mathematical intricacy of a honeycomb, and the honeycomb's essential beauty -- it's a development of nature, as much as it holds up to any intellectual test you wish to apply. Hard to believe these are homespun recordings -- there is a richness and depth to these sonic vistas that will reward repeat listens for years to come."
- Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, REM, Big Star)

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Randy Cochran and his band Bangarang in the past on a few recording projects and I found them to be a very professional band with an outstanding work ethic. I find their brand of high energy independent rock to be catching and compelling. Always looking forward to what these guys are doing next.”
- Mark Pirro (Polyphonic Spree, Tripping Daisy)

“It’s like pop music, but it’s fucked up!” - Eloquent drunk man at show


Best described as “space trash dream gaze” with musical and visual influences stemming from a mash-up of early psychedelia, C86-era jangle and dream pop, skate and surf culture’s extension into punk rock, early 20th century minimalism, and the satirical irreverence of bands such as Guided By Voices or The Swirlies.

Bone crushing guitars can suddenly overtake shimmering alien melodies, propelling the listener into an adventure-world of bent and twisted patterns - all in the span of 4 minutes. This is all best expressed during the band’s captivating live performances which may feature widescreen visual projections, occasional lasers, stage props, and delightfully unpredictable musical tangents.

Taken from Spotify:
Bangarang is an indie rock band formed in Dallas, Texas in 2001, now residing in Baltimore, MD. The band is largely the project of sole original member Randy Cochran and incorporates elements of noise pop, dream pop, punk, psychedelic rock, and electronic music. In 2020, Dalton Maize (Credit, Too Soon Jokes, Casual War) joined the band as a collaborator and additional songwriter. In 2021, the band added Kyle Maize on bass and Luke Mayhew on keyboards, guitar, and saxophone. 

The band is currently finishing their upcoming 'Destroy All Surfing' LP featuring Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, REM, Big Star) on production. The album will feature a variety of guest performances including Ken Stringfellow and Corynne Ostermann (Natural Velvet). In 2021, Texas-based digital multi-media artist Alex Curington began collaborating with the band.